Protective chants (paritta)
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Abhayagiri 2015 Winter Retreat, Session 30Ajahn Pasanno – Feb. 19, 2015

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1. Chanting: Paritta chanting for Ruth Denison. [Protective chants] [Ruth Denison]

Chanting, Session 3Ajahn Ñāṇiko and Ajahn Pasanno – Jun. 2, 2018

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1. “Are the paritta chants not as effective in English?” Answered by Ajahn Ñāṇiko. [Translation] [Language] [Pāli] [Chanting] [Protective chants] // [Devotional practice]

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2. “Do you find these chants as resonant here as in Thailand?” Answered by Ajahn Ñāṇiko. [Culture/Thailand] [Culture/West] [Chanting] [Protective chants] // [Faith]

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3. “I notice that most of the paritta chants don't have English translations. Is there a place we can find these?” Answered by Ajahn Ñāṇiko. [Translation] [Chanting] [Protective chants] // [Sutta]

Suttas: DN 32: Āṭānāṭiya Sutta; SN 46.14-16: Sick [Protective chants] [Sickness] [Factors of Awakening]

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5. Comment: There are a couple books that have some parittas in English. [Translation] [Dhamma books] [Chanting] [Protective chants]

Reference: The Book of Protection by Piyadasi Thera

Response by Ajahn Ñāṇiko: Suggestion to read the Suttanipāta commentaries available in Bhikkhu Bodhi's translation of this text. [Sutta] [Commentaries] [Bhikkhu Bodhi]

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6. Story: A monk at Poo Jum Gom dislodges a viper by chanting the Khandhaparitta despite believing that it won't work. Told by Ajahn Ñāṇiko. [Animal] [Poo Jum Gom] [Ajahn Ñāṇiko] [Faith] [Chanting] [Protective chants]

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7. “Is there a rule of thumb for the pitches for the paritta chanting?” Answered by Ajahn Ñāṇiko and Ajahn Karuṇadhammo. [Chanting] [Protective chants] // [Thai]