Parent topic: Meditation
Subtopics: Wrong concentration, Nimitta, Continuity of mindfulness, Present moment awareness, Spaciousness, Direct experience, Knowing itself
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Abhayagiri 2014 Winter Retreat, Session 51 – Mar. 17, 2014

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1. “Sometimes I will see a bit of greed come up, I apply an antidote, for example, if its craving, apply some asuba; but it seems to exacerbate it–do you have any encouragement or similes from Ajahn Chah?” Answered by Ajahn Pasanno. [Unwholesome Roots] [Right Effort] [Meditation/Results] [Ajahn Chah] // [Investigation of states] [Patience]

Simile: Putting a tiger in a cage. [Similes] [Mindfulness] [Discernment]

Abhayagiri 2015 Winter Retreat, Session 21 – Feb. 1, 2015

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1. “Is it easy for a person with attainments to deal with the world?” Answered by Ajahn Pasanno. [Stages of awakening] [Everyday life] // [Discernment] [Conceit] [Culture/West] [Wrong concentration]

Quote: “To push away the world is also to reifying it. One gives it power when one is afraid of it.” [Craving not to become] [Proliferation] [Fear]

Laypeople with highly developed meditation practice function well in the world. Comment by Ajahn Ñāṇiko. [Lay life] [Meditation/Results] [Energy]

Teen Weekend 2017 – Sep. 2, 2017

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3. “When you first ordained, you were just starting to learn about Buddhism. What changed that made you want to dive in?” Answered by Ajahn Pasanno. [Ajahn Pasanno] // [Meditation/Results] [Ajahn Chah]

Story: “If you want to stay with me, you have to stay at least five years.” — Ajahn Chah