Parent topic: Skillful qualities
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Remembering Ajahn Chah Weekend, Session 19 – Apr. 28, 2001

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3. Story: Ajahn Sundarā stays with a nun who lived at Wat Pah Pong with Ajahn Chah. Told by Ajahn Sundarā. [Ajahn Sundarā] [Mae Chee] [Wat Pah Pong] [Ajahn Chah]

Story: The first nun at Wat Pah Pong. [Artistic expression] [Determination] [Sequence of training] [Eight Precepts]

Story: The Wat Pah Pong nuns go pindapat. [Almsround]

Quote: “Does anyone find having nuns around difficult?” – “Yes.” – “Well, you can go then.” — Ajahn Chah [Pāṭimokkha] [Women in Buddhism]

Story: A woman brings only enough food for the monks, so Ajahn Chah asks the nuns to chant the blessing. [Generosity] [Mutual lay/Saṅgha support] [Chanting] [Fierce/direct teaching]

Ajahn Chah’s inner freedom. [Liberation] [Courage] [Conventions] [Unconditioned] [Teaching Dhamma] [Dhamma books] [Personal presence]

The confidence to be totally yourself. [Faith] [Self-reliance] [Gratitude] [Ajahn Chah lineage] [Ajahn Sumedho] [Aversion]

Recollections of Ajahn Chah, Session 4 – Sep. 19, 2010

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5. Quote: “I sacrificed my life for the Dhamma because I had faith in the reality of enlightenment and the path to get there.” — Ajahn Chah. Quoted by Ajahn Pasanno. [Ajahn Chah] [Spiritual search] [Dhamma] [Faith] [Eightfold Path] // [Practicing in accordance with Dhamma] [Determination] [Courage]

Love, Attachment, and Friendship, Session 1 – Oct. 12, 2019

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3. Comment: Coming out af a long-term relationship where someone was killed in an accident after 42 years, the way you presented the disadvantages and advantages of a conventional loving relationship was perhaps a little light on the advantages. [Relationships] [Death] // [Monastic life/Motivation] [Gratitude] [Long-term practice] [Suffering] [Courage]

Response by Ajahn Karuṇadhammo. [Saṅgha] [Saṃsāra] [Sense of urgency]

Response by Ajahn Pasanno. [Buddha/Biography] [Ageing] [Rebirth] [Treasures]

Reference: AN 4.55: Nakula’s mother and father aspire to see each other in this life and the next.