Characteristics of existence
Parent topic: Indeterminate qualities
Subtopics: Impermanence, Suffering, Not-self, Naturalness, Lawfulness, Conditionality, Emptiness, Suchness, Not-made-of-that
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New Year, New Life, Session 2Ajahn Pasanno – Dec. 16, 2013

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1. “I was struck by the simile of the stone being heavy, but you won't know it's heavy unless you pick it up, and it's just like suffering. You don't have to pick it up. I'm battling a loss in my life, and I'm suffering. I didn't pick up the stone. It was flung at me. I'm not sure how to deal....” [Similes] [Ajahn Chah] [Suffering] [Grief] [Christianity] // [Human] [Naturalness] [Equanimity] [Self-identity view] [Goodwill] [Discernment]

Reference: Amaravati Chanting Book, p. 55: Five Recollections [Characteristics of existence] [Recollection/Death] [Kamma]

Quote: “Whenever you get into a fight with nature, you always lose.” [Characteristics of existence]

Quote: “What makes it heavy is the 'me' bit.”