The Ajahn Pasanno Question and Story Archive
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Ajahn Pasanno's 2019 Chao Khun Ceremony


New in the December 2023 Release:


This release contains 1633 excerpts from 40 events, comprising over 90 hours of audio. Ajahn Kaccāna typically transcribes audio by hand and later types these transcriptions into the computer. As of this release there are 294 transcribed pages, of which 191 have been entered into the Archive. The detailed status of transcription is as follows:

Thanksgiving Retreats

The Archive incorporates previously existing transcriptions of questions asked during the 2013-2016 Thanksgiving Retreats. Tags are applied based on the transcriptions rather than the recordings themselves. Untranscribed audio recordings of Ajahn Pasanno question and answer sessions are available for the 2010-2012 Thanksgiving Retreats. Question and answer sessions with other Abhayagiri teachers have been recorded for four more Thanksgiving Retreats. If you would like to help transcribe and tag these retreats, see Want to help? for details.

Winter Retreats

All sessions from the 2015 Winter Retreat are included in the Archive. Three sessions from the 2014 Winter Retreat are included; the remaining sessions have been transcribed by hand and await data entry. A series of interviews and discussions with Ajahn Pasanno at the end of the 2018 Winter Retreat is included as The Teaching and the Training. Abhayagiri residents created retreat compilation discs of the 2013 and 2016 Winter Retreats, and audio recordings are available of several more Winter Retreats.

Spirit Rock Daylongs

All four recordings of daylong events led by Ajahn Pasanno at Spirit Rock Meditation Center on are included in the Archive.

Upāsikā Days

All 20 Upāsikā Days led by Ajahn Pasanno with recordings on are in the Archive.


A handwritten transcription of the 2001 Ajahn Chah Conference has been completed. Many voices contributed to this memorable event, so it will take a while to obtain permission to include their teachings in the Archive.

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