Abhayagiri Kathina 2020: Update

Abhayagiri Kathina 2020: Update

Each year since the time of the Buddha, at the end of the three-month Rains Retreat, the lay communities around Buddhist monasteries have gathered to celebrate the completion of the retreat and to offer to the monastic community gifts of cloth and supplies that will be useful for the coming year. The cloth is then cut, sewn and dyed by the monks to make a robe on that day to offer to one of the saṅgha. This 2,500-year-old tradition is still carried on here in the West in Theravadan monasteries. Lay supporters help organize the preparation and formal offerings. It is both a significant and joyful occasion that, over time, has become emblematic of the richness of the relationship that exists between the lay people and the monastics. This relationship is characterized by bonds of friendship and commitment to mutual support. All year round, the monastery functions solely on offerings from the lay community.

Seven Days of Kathina Dāna - October 4th to 10th
For the week of October 4-10, we are allowing 20 people to visit each day from October 4th to 10th in Honor of Kathina.

UPDATE - as of 9/16/2020 - All days from October 4th to 11th are full. If you have any questions about these days, please contact abmkathina2020@abhayagiri.org .
You are welcome to visit Abhayagiri outside of October 4th to 11th without registering, but please see this link for the current guidelines and restrictions that are in place.

October 10: Daylong Retreat by Insight Santa Cruz

Starting at 8:30am on October 10th, you will have the oppotunity to join in with an online Zoom retreat, hosted by Insight Santa Cruz. The theme of this daylong is “Fear in the Time of COVID-19”. To join this retreat, click on the following link around 8:30am on October 10th:

On left side of pop-out window, under MORE INFO, click “Join Online Meeting”.

October 11: Kathina Ceremony and Upāsikā Day

Zoom Meeting ID: 928 5707 4889
Zoom Password: 108

Starting at 1:00pm on October 11th, everyone is welcome to join us either via Zoom or YouTube livestream for the Kathina ceremony. As this is also an Upāsikā Day, the theme will be “The Traditional Kathina Ceremony from Thailand to the West”. The schedule will be as follows (times may not be exact):

1:00pm Introduction and parittā chanting.
1:15pm Taking the five precepts.
1:30pm Formal Kathina announcement, and commencement of ceremony.
2:00pm Dhamma talks in English and Thai.
3:00pm Extended Q&A session.
4:00pm View the sewing of the Kathina robe.

Kathina Donations

If donations are not designated for a specific thing, there are a number of things happening in the monastery which will be supported by those donations. Currently we are underway with the construction of a “Quadplex” - a four room dormitory just up the road from the cloister area. Also we plan to build some new monk’s kutis. Donations are also used for the general operating expenses of the monastery.

Anyone who wishes to make a donation for Kathina, may use the below link. If making a donation for Kathina, one should write “Kathina” in the memo section of the Check or Money Order or in the designation portion of the Network for Good form.

If you would like to make a dedication of merit for this year’s Kathina Ceremony, please print out the below form (or write out your own form) and put it in the mail by October 1st. These forms will be placed in a bowl on the shrine during the Kathina day ceremony.

English Dedication Form

Thai Dedication Form