Ajahn Piak to visit Abhayagiri in April
April 17, 2017

Ajahn Piak, a Thai disciple of Ajahn Chah and close friend of Ajahn Dtun and Ajahn Anan, will be visiting Abhayagiri for a week in April. We expect him to arrive the evening of April 19 and depart early in the morning on April 26. We plan to invite Ajahn Piak to give the Saturday talk on April 22 and the Wan Phra talk on April 25. We will be live streaming both talks and you will be able to watch them by going to Abhayagiri's Youtube channel: Ajahn Piak will be traveling with a group of five monks including his long-time student Ajahn Issara and has invited Ajahn Siripañño to translate for him. Tan Kovilo, who ordained at Abhayagiri in 2010, has spent much of the last two years living at Ajahn Piak's monastery and will likely join ...

Sāmaṇera Ordination Ceremony for Anagārikas Jeff, Dorian, and Hector
April 16, 2017

On May 6th, 2017, all are welcome to attend the formal ceremony in which Anagārikas Jeff, Dorian, and Hector will take the brown robes of a novice (sāmaṇera). The ceremony will take place in the new reception hall. Evening puja will be at 7:30 PM which will be followed by the Sāmaṇera ordination around 8:30–8:45 PM. Please see our calendar for more details.

Upasika Day: Renewal Day (April 30, 2017)
April 15, 2017

We hope you can join us at Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery for the annual Upasika Renewal Day on Sunday, April 30, 2017, a day of community, Dhamma study, meditation, and renewal. Our theme for the day will be “Devotion and Ritual: Becoming The Buddha.” Luang Por Pasanno and senior Abhayagiri monastics have graciously agreed to lead us in reflections on the ceremonies, April 14, 15 and 16 (see www.abhayagiri.org/news/consecration-ceremony-for-new-buddha-statue for details), to consecrate the Buddha rupa in the new reception hall. Luang Por will reflect on the meaning and significance for the monastic and lay community of this traditional ceremony. A...

Consecration Ceremony for New Buddha Statue
April 14, 2017

On April 14, 15 and 16, Abhayagiri will be having ceremonies to consecrate the Buddha image in our new meditation hall, and everyone is welcome to come and join in with us. Although it is not the grand opening which we will have when the building and grounds are completely finished (hopefully within a year), this building has been a construction site for a very long time, and we feel that it would be auspicious to come together and inaugurate the hall as a shrine, puja, and meditation space. We will be having three sessions (one on each of these three days) of chanting, recitations, and meditation. In addition, each of the sessions will be live streamed over the Internet for those that cannot participate in person. Additionally, Sunday, A...

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A Mind in Harmony 2
Ajahn Chandako

Worried about attachment to jhānas? The worst that can happen is that we will be reborn in a heavenly realm for up to 84 thousand eons of celestial bliss. Considering the range of possible rebirths within samsara that‘s still not a bad option. The best that can happen is that we realize enlightenment. Virtue and states of samādhi are like rungs of a ladder. We have to hold onto higher and higher rungs in order to pull ourselves up. If we have already heard the wisdom teachings of the Buddha and are sincere about l...


Ajahn Pasanno
December 20, 2016

เทศน์สั้น ๆ เรื่อง สวัสดีปีใหม่ ที่หอจดหมายเหตุพุทธทาส อินทปัญโญ (Buddhadasa Indapanno Archives - BIA) วันที่ 14 ธันวาคม 2559



Pictures from Reception Hall - Season 4 - Construction
November 23, 2015

We are happy to announce that on Tuesday, March 14th, we called for an inspection of the Reception Hall building. The county inspector passed the building and gave us a temporary occupancy permit. This permit allows us to start using the building immediately. There are still a few days worth of cabinetry, tiling, and carpentry work, as well as the elevator to be approved. Hopefully, this will be completed within the next couple of weeks. Once the community ends our winter retreat we will move into the building and start using it. We still have a significant amount of work to do with regard to landscaping: this wor...

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