Slideshow of Chao Khun Ceremony
January 28, 2016

On December 5, 2015 at the Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaeo) in Bangkok, Luang Por Pasanno received the honorary ecclesiastical title “Chao Khun” and name “Phra Bodhinyanavidesa” from the Crown Prince of Thailand, on behalf of His Majesty King Bhumipol Adulyadet. This title is given periodically to monks in the Thai tradition who have distinguished themselves with their contributions to the monastic tradition, and is considered a high honor. This year, both Luang Por Pasanno and Ajahn Amaro were given this title -- particularly significant as Western monks are rarely awarded t...

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Appreciating the Goodness of Others
Ajahn Pasanno

There are lots of us here living together in community, sharing the same space. So it’s vital that we share the space harmoniously to ensure that things get done, like the external work of taking care of the monastery and the internal work of spiritual practice. To lay a foundation for living together harmoniously, there is a need to develop a sense of kataññū, which is usually translated as gratitude. Now the word gratitude is a bit loaded in the West, sort of like somebody is standing behind us wav...


ความสามัคคีของกายและใจ (ภาษาไทย)
Ajahn Liem
July 12, 2015




Pictures from Reception Hall Phase 2 Construction
November 23, 2015

The phase 2 construction of Abhayagiri's new Reception Hall has begun on Monday March 2, 2015. This second stage is construction of the framing, roof and exterior surfaces, which will seal the building from weather, and installing windows and doors. We will update the construction pictures on a regular basis. Please click the links below to view the pictures from phase 2 Construction: March - NovemberWeeks 1-35 picturesJanuaryUpdates...

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