July 26, 2017

ตั้งแต่วันอาทิตย์ที่ 11 มิถุนายน เป็นต้นไป ทางวัดจะเปลี่ยนวันเวลาในการแสดงพระธรรมเทศนาในช่วงวันหยุดสุดสัปดาห์ จากคืนวันเสาร์เป็นบ่ายวันอาทิตย์ โดยจะมีการทำวัตรตอน 14:00 น. ตามด้วยการนั่งสมาธิ และการแสดงพระธรรมเทศนาโดยพระเถระ และจะไม่มีการทำวัตรเย็นอีกครั้งในวันอ...

July 23 Joint Birthday Celebration for Luang Por Sumedho and Luang Por Pasanno
July 19, 2017

--Live Stream-- You can watch the live stream here: https://youtu.be/YsiewdqCjXg  --Schedule update-- We invite you to join us on Sunday, July 23 for a joint birthday celebration for Luang Por Sumedho and Luang Por Pasanno. This will be Luang Por Sumedho's 83rd year of life and his 51st rains retreat as a bhikkhu (fully ordained monk). The schedule for the day will be as follows:Sunday, July 23: ~10 a.m. Luang Por Sumedho to receive visitors informally in the Dhamma Hall 11 a.m. Meal Offering   People are welcome to bring a dish to share.     - Luang Por Sumehdo will rest after the meal 2 p.m. Chanting and meditation 3 p.m. Luang Por ...

2017 Abhayagiri Thanksgiving Retreat Registration
July 1, 2017

2017 Monastic Thanksgiving Retreat Led by Luang Por Pasanno and the Abhayagiri Community November 17-26, 2017 at Angela Center, Santa Rosa, CA Abhayagiri Monastery in Redwood Valley, California and the Sanghapala Foundation invite you to join Luang Por Pasanno and the Abhayagiri Community for a 10-day retreat over the Thanksgiving holiday. We will create a monastery environment during our time together, and we offer you this opportunity to explore the Dhamma in a setting that differs somewhat from a typical meditation retreat. We will all live the monastery life, following the Eight Precepts, taking only what is offered, and attempting to reflect on our every activity as part of our practice. This will include noble silence, morning and...

July 15 Benefit for the Mindfulness Care Center in SF
June 21, 2017

Ajahn Pasanno and the Abhayagiri Community will lead a benefit day for the Mindfulness Care Center in San Francisco on Saturday, July 15 from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm. The morning will consist of sitting and walking practice with a Dharma reflection. There will be a meal offering to the monastics at 11:00 am. In the afternoon Ajahn Pasanno will tell stories from his early years training under his teacher Ajahn Chah in Thailand. All contributions for the day will benefit the Mindfulness Care Center, a 501(3)(c) Nonprofit. The MCC/Mindfulness Care Center exists through acts of generosity. The MCC's main benefactor Muriel Wanderer recently passed. The Mindfulness Care Center's programs, workshops an...

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Feelings of Pain 2
Thanissaro Bhikkhu

This morning there was a request for techniques on how to deal with physical pain while you meditate. There are four steps in dealing with pain…If you can maintain (this) determination, you’ll find that the breath energy in the spot where you’re focused becomes more and more comfortable, more powerful. That’s when you can move to the third step, which is to think of that comfortable energy spreading through the pain. For example, if you feel comfortable energy in the area around the heart, and the pain is in you...


Ajahn Pasanno
December 20, 2016

เทศน์สั้น ๆ เรื่อง สวัสดีปีใหม่ ที่หอจดหมายเหตุพุทธทาส อินทปัญโญ (Buddhadasa Indapanno Archives - BIA) วันที่ 14 ธันวาคม 2559



Pictures from Reception Hall - Season 4 - Construction
November 23, 2015

We are happy to announce that on Tuesday, March 14th, we called for an inspection of the Reception Hall building. The county inspector passed the building and gave us a temporary occupancy permit. This permit allows us to start using the building immediately. There are still a few days worth of cabinetry, tiling, and carpentry work, as well as the elevator to be approved. Hopefully, this will be completed within the next couple of weeks. Once the community ends our winter retreat we will move into the building and start using it. We still have a significant amount of work to do with regard to landscaping: this wor...

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