Keep At It
February 22, 2017

During our winter retreat we have been doing daily readings.  This year we have been focusing on teachings from Ajahn Chah.  Recently Ajahn Karunadhammo was reading from Everything Arises, Everything Falls Away: Teachings on Impermanence and the End of Suffering by Ajahn Chah.  During part of the reading, it reminded us of a few videos we made during a trip to Yosemite National Park.  So, here is a video we made combining the two.

Ajahn Piak to visit Abhayagiri in April
February 10, 2017

Ajahn Piak, a Thai disciple of Ajahn Chah and close friend of Ajahn Dtun and Ajahn Anan, will be visiting Abhayagiri for a week in April. We expect him to arrive the evening of April 19 and depart early in the morning on April 26. We plan to invite Ajahn Piak to give the Saturday talk on April 22 and the Wan Phra talk on April 25. Ajahn Piak will be traveling with a group of five monks and has invited Ajahn Siripañño to translate for him. Tan Kovilo, who ordained at Abhayagiri in 2010, has spent much of the last two years living at Ajahn Piak's monastery and will likely join Ajahn Piak's group. We expect he will be willing to speak informally with people and answer our questions at tea time. Because of the large number of visiting monks, ...

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Dependent Origination
Ajahn Sucitto

To the extent which (paccaya) the mind has not comprehended (avijja) Truth, habitual drives (sankhara) manifest and condition (paccaya) awareness into a discriminative mode (vinnana) that operates in terms of (paccaya) subject and object (nama-rupa) held (paccaya) to exist on either side of the six sense-doors (salayatana). These sense-doors open dependent (paccaya) on contact (passa) that can arouse (paccaya) varying degrees of feeling (vedana). Feeling stimulates (paccaya) desire (tanha) and, according to (paccay...


Ajahn Pasanno
December 20, 2016

เทศน์สั้น ๆ เรื่อง สวัสดีปีใหม่ ที่หอจดหมายเหตุพุทธทาส อินทปัญโญ (Buddhadasa Indapanno Archives - BIA) วันที่ 14 ธันวาคม 2559



Pictures from Reception Hall - Season 4 - Construction
November 23, 2015

Year Four: Construction update As we enter the summer months of 2016, we also enter our fourth year of construction of Abhayagiri's new Reception Hall. Year one, 2013, saw us complete: structural foundations, retaining walls, underfloor plumbing, waterproofing back retaining wall, installing water tanks and trenching for fire sprinkler system. Year two, 2014, construction was mostly put on hold, with the exception of a few additions to the infrastructure: stairways, septic tank, underground electrical lines and drains, radiant underfloor heating tubes, finished floor levels, and a small retaining wall. The del...

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